Work of art ''Hippopotamus'', a chocolate and gold sculpture by artist Santiago Montoya. The hippopotamus has his body covered in gold. From the exhibition at Espacio El Dorado ''Missteps and other paths''.

Hippo travels | Bogota, Peru and New-York

Stay tuned: hippo has been invited to New-York.  More info coming soon.

Close-up on the paper money used for the work of art ''Under Pressure'' part of the series ''Creative Destruction'' by artist Santiago Montoya.

FROM OUR FRIENDS | Magnolia Editions – Open Studio Coming Soon

Our friends Don and Era from Magnolia Editions are doing an open studio. If you are in the Bay area, do not miss the…

Cacao Tumaco | A project with Flora ars+natura

Stay tuned: Work in progress around cacao and chocolate - curated by José Roca at FLORA ars+natura.

Tally Sticks Journey | Short Documentary

From the ''Cerro de Armas'' in Colombia to international gallerie's floors... The journey of ''Tally Sticks''.