Work of art ''Hippopotamus'', a chocolate and gold sculpture by artist Santiago Montoya. The hippopotamus has his body covered in gold. From the exhibition at Espacio El Dorado ''Missteps and other paths''.

Hippo travels | Bogota, Peru and New-York

Stay tuned: hippo has been invited to New-York.  More info coming soon.

Under Pressure, detail of the red version. By contemporary Colombian artist Santiago Montoya.

FROM OUR FRIENDS | Magnolia Editions – Open Studio Coming Soon

Our friends Don and Era from Magnolia Editions are doing an open studio. If you are in the Bay area, do not miss the…

Contemporary artist Santiago Montoya; cacao harvest at his farm in Colombia.

Cacao Tumaco | A project with Flora ars+natura

Stay tuned: Work in progress around cacao and chocolate - curated by José Roca at FLORA ars+natura.

Tally Sticks Journey | Short Documentary

From the ''Cerro de Armas'' in Colombia to international gallerie's floors... The journey of ''Tally Sticks''.