curated by José Roca

Tumaco port is located in the south of Colombia´s pacific coast. The region and it´s surroundings have seen a long history of poverty, corruption and violence; awkwardly, it is also one of the richest in biological and cultural diversity.

Among the several recovery strategies for the population, agriculture, and particularly cacao,  has been targeted as a substitution for illicit crops.

Within a market economy this only works when the community willing to make this change has some guarantee that they will be able to sell their product at a fair price, so that it is worth leaving the illicit crops behind which are much more profitable, like for example the harvesting of coca leaf.

Cacao Tumaco is an artistic approach to the multiple challenges faced in this region, and in particular under the context of the cacao growers and their surroundings. Miguel Angel Rojas, Alberto Baraya, Santiago Montoya, Liliana Angulo, Herlyng Ferla are among the artist which will bring proposals to this exhibit.

More news on this project coming soon…